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Reminder! Square 1 Art Fundraiser Ends 11/20/2020

Don't miss out on a great opportunity to support your school before 11/20/2020!

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Dear Woodland Families,

Square 1 Art has once again partnered with Woodland to create a unique opportunity to celebrate Woodland students' artistic accomplishments while raising funds for the school.

Coming home soon will be your child’s custom catalog featuring their artwork. This artwork was created last Spring and was an optional project for student participation. If your child did not participate last Spring, we will do this project again in the Spring 2021. Won’t you help make your child feel like an accomplished artist by purchasing keepsakes for the whole family containing their masterpiece? Woodland earns profit from every order. And as a thank you for participating, we provide each child with a sheet of stickers imprinted with their artwork — absolutely FREE!

Watch for more details about the campaign and order deadlines. All online and paper order forms must be turned in by the due date on your child’s custom catalog. (No late orders can be accepted.) Together, we can help support the school, build your child’s self-esteem, and create lasting keepsakes from your child’s artistic achievements.


  1. The paper order form attached to their custom catalog.
  2. Online at
  3. Phone Customer Care 888-332-3294.
  4. Orders will ship DIRECTLY to you, not the school.

*If you are a DLA student, please email Ms. Hamlin to coordinate getting your catalog -