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CAHOOTS 2020 Summer Program
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CAHOOTS math and language arts in one book … a great value!

Parents, Community Education is pleased to be offering CAHOOTS, a K-5 summer math and language arts correspondence workbook program.

The program is portable, flexible and designed to closely match our district curriculum through an engaging and reflective approach to learning.  After completing each lesson and checking answers online, students complete an assignment reflection and send to a CAHOOTS Buddy who will send a written response back. 

You will receive a letter which includes enrollment instructions the week of March 2.  Cost is $42.  Final registration is due April 3.

It is recommended students work on the grade level they will be entering in the fall (i.e. 1st grade is a review of kindergarten), to review and reinforce skills learned during the school year.  Please discuss with your child’s teacher, if you feel another level may be more suitable.  Sample workbooks are available to view in your school office.

CAHOOTS should not be considered a replacement for participating in summer school, if your child qualifies.  CAHOOTS is not intended to replace regular reading for enjoyment or math activities that strengthen your child’s fluency and love for math.