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Art in elementary school is all about the process rather than the product of the artistic experience.

Through experimentation with a wide variety of media, our children have opportunities to explore the artistic elements of line, shape, color, texture, value and space.

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Woodland Square 1 Art


Dear students and families,

We are starting up a NEW Square 1 Art project!  Square 1 helps students turn their artwork into free stickers as well as other art keepsakes.

In person students will be working on this project while in Art class throughout the months of January and February.

Distance Academy students can use the Square 1 website to upload a photo of an artwork of choice and participate in this project as well.

All artwork needs to be submitted to either Ms Hamlin or the Square 1 website before March 22nd.

All students will get a catalog with their free stickers and a chance to purchase other products with their artwork on them.  All proceeds from keepsake purchases go directly to the Woodland Art program. 

Thanks to all the Woodland students that have participated in the past, and we look forward to a fun new project!! 

Andrealynn Hamlin


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