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Two girls work on an art project and one is smiling.

Woodland Elementary is a school that promotes creativity for each child. There are a variety of different activities students can participate in that allow each child to explore their the vast potential of their imagination. Students are challenged to think critically, collaborate with their peers and develop their curiosity.

Destination Imagination logo

Destination Imagination

Destination Imagination allows students to discover their inner inventor. The program involves project-based learning designed to challenge students to take the creative process from imagination to innovation.

At Woodland, we have several award-winning Destination Imagination teams.


Six elementary-aged girls wearing orange and posing for a photo on unity Day.

Woodland Upstanders

Woodland is a caring, inclusive and friendly neighborhood school, and we take pride in the work of our Woodland Upstanders. 

Each Unity Day, we celebrate kindness by wearing orange and sharing messages of togetherness.