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Student & Support Services

Health Services

Licensed school nurses provide a variety of services that support a healthy learning environment for all students and staff in District 196. If your student has a health condition that could result in an emergency (for example, serious allergy with epi pen, diabetes, seizure disorder or asthma) or has a health condition requiring accommodations (for example, medication administration, treatments or restrictions) contact the school nurse before the school year starts or as soon as the condition develops.

Our school and district websites have the necessary forms for you and your child’s physician to complete.

Learn more about available District 196 health services > 

Angela Mahowald

Woodland Elementary Nurse

Direct Phone & VM: 651-683-6993

English Learner Services

Woodland's English Learner (EL) program provides students whose primary language is a language other than English with the opportunity to develop proficiency in reading, writing and speaking, as well as the language of academic content.

In Minnesota, an EL student is defined as a learner who:

  • First learned a language other than English, comes from a home where a language other than English is usually spoken, or does not use English as a primary language, and 
  • Lacks the necessary English skills to fully participate in classes taught in English.

In EL settings, students are part of an English language learning experience where students engage in content study and English learning simultaneously. This program is tailored to the individual needs of students and is aligned to grade level curriculum.

English Learner Information

Jenny Jaakola

School Phone: (651) 683-6990

Voicemail: (651) 683-6969 Ext. 82041

Gifted and Talent Development

The Gifted and Talent Development (GTD) Program extends educational challenges for intellectually and academically gifted students.

GTD children are those students with outstanding abilities and capable of higher performance when compared to others of similar age, experience and environment. They have significantly different educational needs from their peers and require educational differentiation as a regular part of their school day to ensure they reach their full potential. District 196 uses multiple criteria to help identify gifted and talented children.

 Gifted and Talent development Information 

Maureen Greenberg

School Phone: (651) 683-6990

Voicemail: (651) 683-6969 Ext. 82844

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a program that helps first-grade students learn to read at the average level of their classmates within twenty weeks.

Students are selected on the basis of assessments given by classroom teachers the summer preceding first grade. These students receive daily 30-minute individual tutoring from a teacher specially trained in Reading Recovery techniques.

Julene Oxton & Taya Theis &

School Phone: (651) 683-6990

Voicemail: (651) 683-6969 Ext. 84840 & 82907


Math Recovery

Math Recovery is a program designed to help insure that all students will be successful in math.

The goal is to help students advance to the level at which they can successfully learn with their peers. Number and number relations that can seem obvious to adults may not seem so for children. Children's understanding can vary greatly from the adult's knowledge. The development of this knowledge does not come from telling, but rather through the child's personal construction of the knowledge.

Children must have personal experiences to learn and relate various forms of number. Math Recovery has its focus in the number operation and concept strand of math and its emphasis on assessment and intervention.

Topics addressed are:

  • Forward Number Word Sequences
  • Backward Number Word Sequences
  • Numeral Identification
  • Number Structures
  • Addition/Subtraction Strategies
  • Multiplication/Division Strategies

Patti Muck

School Phone: (651) 683-6990

Voicemail: (651) 683-6969 Ext. 84804